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April May by Cookies-Cat April May :iconcookies-cat:Cookies-Cat 394 12 Spektra Comic Commission by Lightning-Bliss Spektra Comic Commission :iconlightning-bliss:Lightning-Bliss 63 9 Kenjii Comic Style Commission by Lightning-Bliss Kenjii Comic Style Commission :iconlightning-bliss:Lightning-Bliss 74 5
Circe's Revenge
by Borin23, edited by Derp666
The duo of Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl sped across the vast and open Pacific Ocean. The calm waters rippled from underneath them as they flew through the air, feeling it whipping across their faces, their long hair fluttering in the rushing wind. The air carried the salty scent of the ocean, and it filled their nostrils and their lungs. The sun viciously beat down upon their heads, but they did not burn so easily as mortal humans; their own sweat served as a proper sunscreen and their Amazonian skin was able to deter the brunt of the sun's rays. Wonder Woman led the charge, and she glanced back over her shoulder to see Wonder Girl was still staring at her with those big eyes.
'What are you doing?' she asked.
'Huh?' Wonder Girl blinked; apparently she hadn't even been aware she was staring, but Wonder Woman knew better. 'I'm not doing anything...!'
'Why do you keep looking at me with those eyes? It makes me...somewhat uncomfortable.'
'It does? Ah, I'm sorr
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Sweet Dreams-Chapter 2 (Starfire)
“This is already more pleasant than the last one.” Zavan noted as a Spring breeze gently fluttered in the air. The two found themselves on a bench on a tranquil path. Jinx knew the area they were in; it was Jump City Park that the Titans frequented so many times before. Though the purpose of the dream was unclear, it was nice to enjoy the serene weather Starfire concocted in her mind. “So are you going to be as forceful with her?”
“Maybe. I have a few ideas but nothing to the extreme like last time. Plus she’s all about cute kittens and bizarre tastes. I doubt she’d do something like Beast Boy to make me mad.”
“Define bizarre.” Zavan’s question was answered almost immediately as Starfire floated by them, humming merrily to herself. Her orange skin shone brightly in the sun, her purple attire suit complimenting her midriff and cut physique well. The demon wanted to compare the scene to something from a Disney movie but ha
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CMSN! - Lil Zelda by JamsnJellies CMSN! - Lil Zelda :iconjamsnjellies:JamsnJellies 468 43 Fat June Coyote. by Virus-20 Fat June Coyote. :iconvirus-20:Virus-20 219 43 Pig Girl Transformation by Dopplegager
Mature content
Pig Girl Transformation :icondopplegager:Dopplegager 669 42
Neon's B-day by clashmecha Neon's B-day :iconclashmecha:clashmecha 7 9 Kitsune Jewel pg 4 by goldfish078 Kitsune Jewel pg 4 :icongoldfish078:goldfish078 43 7 Dragon Transformation pt 14 by clashmecha Dragon Transformation pt 14 :iconclashmecha:clashmecha 203 264
Digimon Hybrids part 12
Digimon Hybrids part 12 the void
Aki, Sarah and Leo made their way down toward engineering, it was a long walk and Sarah began to wonder about something.
"Hey, how come this ship is called a Blimp-mon when it isn't filled with air?" she asked suddenly and both Aki and Leo turned to face her surprised at her sudden question.
"Where did that question come from?" asked Aki bemused.
"Just curious" she said with a little smile
"I can answer that, Blimpmon used to be filled with air but then hover units were installed in the under sections of the ships and the insides were filled with other floors and rooms" explained Leo.
"I see, man there are people back home who would kill for some of this technology" Said Sarah impressed, it took nearly twenty minutes but finally they reached the engine room.
Computer terminals with gauges, levers and dials lined the walls and numerous hagurumon were currently working on them.
In the center of the room was a huge metal cylinder connected to the ceiling a
:iconclashmecha:clashmecha 30 106
Digimon Hybrids Part 13
Digimon Hybrids part 13 reliving a memory
Cyrus made his way down a corridor of the factory with a bakemon leading the way. They soon arrived at a large metal door and the bakemon hovered over to a control panel on the door's frame.
The Bakemon keyed in a pass code and the door slid heavily open. Cyrus stepped through the door while the bakemon remained behind and closed the door behind Cyrus.
Cyrus entered into a large room and found Byren sitting on a strange coffin shaped device.
Byren's hands were plugged into the device and his eyes were glowing, suddenly his eyes went black, his hands disconnected from the machine and he fell lifeless to the ground.
Cyrus raised a curious eyebrow as he watched the mechanical coffin opening.
Mist bellowed out as the coffin opened, and then a human hand emerged from the mist and gripped the edge of the metal coffin.
A middle-aged man with long platinum blonde hair climbed out wearing a long gray coat and his build was quite muscular.
"Welcome back
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 a Special image made by a good friend of mine for the upcoming Resident evil 7
Witch Shop Kenji
Kenji in a box from a neebs gaming stream witch meeting
men lose all self control when power is involved. a strong man that cant be crushed under any weight will still succumb to power becoming arrogant and prideful. a weak man pushed and shoved daily will become mad with power and crave more power till there is none left. an equal man who treats all creatures fairly still will succumb to the lust power provides. thus all men no matter what will all fall to the destruction known as power.


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